The Health Benefits of Using Neodymium Magnets for Magnetic Therapy

There is a therapy called magnetic therapy. As the name suggests, this therapy uses magnets, especially neodymium magnets to help reduce pain. Aside from this, this therapy is used in other fields, such as diagnosis and treatment. You may find it interesting that the same type of magnet is used in a lot of things, such as shoes, mattresses, and rings. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of these metals.

How Does the Therapy Work?

In short, the therapy works by stimulating your body to create magnetic fields and electrical impulses. According to many research studies, this therapy may help your body get more healthful. Let’s check out some of the benefits it may offer.

Wound healing

According to a research study, magnetic therapy helps reduce blood flow in tumors. On the other hand, the therapy boosts the platelet activity in tissues that had no tumor. The platelet activity may help boost wound healing.

As a matter of fact, another study revealed that it can offer better anastomosis and recuperation unlike sutures that is performed manually.

The Neural System

According to a study, magnetic fields support neural research and don’t cause damage to the human neural system or disrupt the study parameters. Aside from this, it is a great therapy to help reduce depression.

The Skeletal System

According to a study on rabbits, neodymium magnets help prevent movements in the epiphysis of your femoral bone, which helps boost the tissue regeneration.

The GIT System

These products are used in surgeries as well, especially endoscopic surgeries of your colon. Aside from this, it helps provide an easy access to the tumors. After the surgery, they help patients get better much faster.


Due to the strong attraction force, they are used for preventing orthodontic prosthetics from moving around.

Scientific Research

Primarily, magnetic therapy revolves around looking for an effective painkiller. In 1997, another research study found that it works like an effective painkiller. However, since the research was done on a small scale, it received a lot of criticism.

According to the reports from NCCIH, this therapy shows no evidence of reducing pain. However, many studies support the claim that the therapy can be a great choice for fibromyalgia and arthritis.

It’s important to keep in mind that the effect and use of this technique in other fields of medicine are positive. The reason is that there are a lot of studies that are in favor of these claims.

Aside from this, there are a lot of ongoing studies that give us a lot of hope for future. The fields they are used in include stem cells, close of aneurysms, stent-procedure and fertility treatments, just to name a few.

9 Surprising Benefits Of Organic Honey

Honey is an essential commodity, and for more than 2,500 years ago, it is used by countless cultures. It is greatly used for healing wounds. Besides, it is also consumed by many for its astounding health benefits. You may either take it raw or mix it with lukewarm water or juice, whichever way you want! You can even add one teaspoon of honey instead of sugar in your juice. People prefer to have organic honey both for its taste as well as health benefits.

Amazing benefits of Organic Honey

· Healthy sweetener
Instead of using white sugar, you can always opt to use honey, which brings the sweet taste to your drink, as well as, contain 69% glucose, which is really amazing in terms of sweetening. It fulfills your requirement for the taste as well as ensures meeting your health benefits.

· Helps in weight loss
There has been an age-old tradition of consuming honey in lukewarm water, as they say, that it’s one of the best ways to burn fat present in the body. Although a lot of people say that honey has more calories than sugar, mixing honey with lemon juice or cinnamon can actually digest the adipose tissue in your body and help you in losing that extra layer.

· Cough relief
Honey acts as an outstanding remedy for children who tend to suffer from cough. A lot of children seem to suffer from sleep complications due to upper respiratory tract infections (URIs). As per the research works published in the Pediatrics Journals, it was found that children between the age group of 1 to 5 years are more prone to sleep disorders and nocturnal coughing habits.

· Energy booster
Organic honey serves as an amazing energy booster. While 1 tablespoon of sugar contains 15 calories, 1 tablespoon of honey will contain 64 calories. Besides, the presence of carbohydrates in honey can easily be digested and converted into glucose, which is yet another reason why one should prefer honey instead of sugar.

· Improves the overall performance of an individual
Organic honey is an excellent component to boost an athlete’s performance. It is an amazing remedy to maintain blood sugar levels, as well as restore the level of glycogen post-workout. Also, it regulates the insulin level of an individual, which together contribute to enhancing the overall performance of a person.

· Improving memory
Mothers often prefer to feed organic honey to their kids as they consider it to improve the memory-related functions of the brain. It modulates your neural activities, thereby helping you to connect better with the surroundings. It brushes your response system and enhances your stimulus as a whole.

· Rich in vitamins and minerals
Organic honey is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Although the proportion of vitamins and minerals present in honey depends on the kinds of flowers used in apiculture, it still consists of a wide range of micro-nutrients, including that of calcium, vitamin C, and iron. Hence, one should always go for the honey instead of those insignificant doses of sugar.

· Antiseptic
Honey comprises some antiseptic properties, and this antimicrobial activity of honey is actually dependent on the source of nectar. Nevertheless, organic honey has got a huge potential in treating bacterial infections.

Discover 10 Reasons You May Have Male Infertilty

This article is for those men and women, who want to improve their ability to have children. Fertility in men is related to a lack of semen quantity and quality.
Male infertility can’t always be solved since it can have many causes. But, improvement in semen strength can be made through a natural diet, supplements, fitness, and by improving your immune system.

First, here some signs that can help you decide to look into infertility.

Hair Growth

If you are losing hair and it’s not because you are getting old, then you need to find out why. Lose of hair relates to a lack of vitamin and minerals and stress. If your diet does not supply your body with the vitamins and minerals you need for your hair, it will rob these nutrients from your hair, blood, and body. If you couple that with stress then you will not have enough nutrients to have a healthy head of hair.

Problems with erections and ejaculation

Of course, if you don’t have a strong erection and ejaculation, you will have problems having children. Strong erections can relate to libido and stress, but the majority of these problems comes from diet and nutritional supplementation.
Poor erections come from poor blood circulation. If you are dealing with cardiovascular illnesses then you need to have a diet that helps this condition and provides you with better blood circulation.

Testicles and Prostate

Any issue you have where your testicles are small or have lumps or when you have an enlarged prostate can interfere with the production of quality sperm. Under these conditions, you will have to see a doctor so you can determine what health issues these conditions create.


If you are low on testosterone this can be a cause for infertility. There many different nutrients and herbs that can boost testosterone.


Being overweight can be a major cause of male infertility. Because of this losing weight should one of the first things to consider.

Alcohol and Smoking

Excessive use of alcohol can decrease your testosterone levels and reduce your semen count and quality. Reducing heavy alcohol consumption can be helpful.
Smoking very harmful for the body since it produces a high level of free radicals. It’s these free radicals that attack internal tissue, which leads to a variety of diseases.

Exposure to Pollutants

If your work exposes you to toxic fumes that contain pesticides, heavy metals, air pollution or heavy metals, your immune system will be compromised causing to you have less healthy semen. These toxic fumes create free radicals that can destroy internal organs and tissue.


Take a good antioxidant supplement. Antioxidants help to reduce inflammation. It’s inflammation which reduces blood flow and causes organs to malfunction.

Autoimmune Disease

If you have leaky gut syndrome you are prone to many different autoimmune diseases. Under this condition, your antibodies can attack and eliminate your sperm.


If you are taking any drugs or under other such as chemotherapy or radiation, your sperm count will be low. If you are using drugs for colitis, high blood, calcium channel blockers, or antidepressants, this will affect your fertility.